All was golden in the sky

drinking; Ginger ale
eating; We had Pizza Hut last night
currently reading; Why America Fights by Susan A. Brewer (Who is actually my professor!)
listening to; “When the Day Met the Night” by Panic! at the Disco
watching; This is the End and Lincoln… it was a film-diverse night
playing; “Knights and Dragons” on my tablet (it’s an app). If you wanna play, use my referral code: WBF-NMF-BPM

I recognize that I am waaaayyyyy behind on responding to comments; I think I have a backwash all the way back to April. Whoops. shiftyeyes But this semester has been CRAZILY busy for me. A lot of schoolwork, a lot of presentations, several large papers, and I’m trying to complete my application so I can study abroad in London next year. It’s a stressful time. So I’m hoping to just sit down and thoughtfully respond to all my comments over Thanksgiving break.

Other than the stress, the semester is going well! I much prefer having my own apartment (well, lower floor of a duplex house) to living in the dorms. It saves a lot of money and we don’t have quiet hours. Plus, my landlord let me bring my dog up. What more can you want? Although, just now, as we’re all sitting in the living room and I’m typing this, we hear gunshots going off and then someone playing “Taps” on a trumpet. I took a minor break so we could all check out what was going on. It was a memorial service going on at the funeral home next door.

I can honestly say things haven’t been uneventful.

I like all of my classes this semester, except Communications 101. It’s a speech class that is required for EVERYONE, no matter what college you’re in or what degree you’re getting. I don’t particularly have more speech anxiety than other people, but I don’t like it because it’s a surprisingly high amount of work for a 100-level class. Waiting until my junior year to take it was the dumbest thing I’ve done in my college career. I have a huge chunk of reading and study guides to do for those readings every week, and yet I’m sitting in my room typing up a full-sentence outline for our “Tell a Story” assignment. Sigh.

History Club has been a fun time. It’s the highlight of my week because I get to go hang out with other history majors and we can complain about our communal problems. There’s that feeling of belonging. Plus, everyone’s as big of a dork and nerd as I am. We went to a Wisconsin State Historical Society conference and heard some speakers. At the beginning of October, we helped Prof. Barske put on a “Marking Bodies of Peace” performance, which was a display of traditional Okinawan dances and acting. But my favorite was my own brain child: on campus, we have this building called Nelson Hall. (I was going to upload pictures, but I’m too lazy. Google ‘nelson hall uwsp’ and pictures will pop up.) It was built in 1915 and was the first all-female dorm in the State Teachers College system of Wisconsin. Anyway, the building is supposedly haunted, so for Halloween History Club did free ghost tours of the building. We planned it pretty last-minute; nothing was set in stone until the Wednesday before, and we made a FB event only a week before. Yet over 100 people showed up—not expecting that at all! We had to call non-History Club friends to come and help us so we could give everyone a tour on time.

It’s been a good semester thus far. I hope everyone here is enjoying your autumn. If you’re still waiting for blog responses, expect comments within the month. AND, in case you’re curious, here are some pictures of my new bedroom. My desk. My bed. My closet/TV/view from my bed.

Posted November 02, 2013.